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Tyylikkäimmät lahjat miehelle

The most stylish gifts for men

Tyylikkäimmät lahjat miehelle

The most stylish gifts for men

A stylish and carefully chosen gift is always an appreciated gesture, whether it is a gift for a spouse, boyfriend, father, son or even a colleague. However, finding good gifts for men is not the e...

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Tumma puku

The Dark Suit

The dress code “dark suit” is traditionally one of the most formal dress codes, used often at weddings and other formal occasions. A “dark suit” usually refers to a dark blue or black suit, with a ...

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Tuxedo Guide: How to dress for Black Tie occasions

Compared to the most formal evening attire, the “dark suit” and the “white tie”, the tuxedo (or “black tie”) has solidified its position as a slightly more casual alternative when it comes to eveni...

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Schoffan mittatilauspaidat

The Schoffa Made-to-Measure Shirt

We get a lot of questions about how to order a made-to-measure shirt and what the steps of the process are. However, before we delve into how to order a Schoffa made-to-measure shirt and the steps...

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Laadukkaat miesten kengät

Quality shoes for men

Loake & Schoffa Loake was founded in 1880 by the brothers John, William and Thomas Loake, who started making shoes in Northamptonshire, England. Already from the beginning, the brothers used fi...

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Miesten business-pukeutuminen

Men's Business Wear

Business- and work wear is a frequently discussed topic at our flagship store; when to wear a suit, when to be more casual? Should I wear a tie or not? Which shoe model would be the most suitable w...

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Sulhanen ja bestmanit Schoffan sinisissä puvuissa ja valkoisissa paidoissa.

Wedding outfits for men

Wedding outfits and the process of dressing the groom is a very special and fascinating world. As the celebration is your own and the focus is largely on the bride and the groom, you have a great o...

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Solmio - miesten asusteista perinteisimpiä

A Guide to Ties - The most traditional men's accessory

A tie is one of the most traditional of men's accessories, and although it is currently a rare sight in a work context, it is an excellent way to enliven an otherwise restrained business suit or a...

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A Guide to Pocket Squares

The pocket square is one of today's most popular men's accessories, and it has popped up especially in the last decade. The classic white handkerchief, either in silk, linen or cotton, can be ...

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Pukeutuminen hautajaisiin

Funeral attire for men

Considering the nature of the occasion, dressing correctly for a funeral is important. As such, make sure that your whole outfit is in accordance with the etiquette (which we'll delve into below)...

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