Collection: Knitwear

Schoffa's knitwear is made in Italy using traditional methods. Our spring/summer collection is made of soft washed cotton and linen, and can be worn comfortably with a shirt as well as on their own. For the fall/winter collection we use warm merino wool and luxurious wool-cashmere blend.

Schoffa's men's knitwear are slightly tapered in style without being too tight. Our knitwear is handmade in Italy by skilled artisans and are of the highest quality - evident for example in the fastening of the elastics with hand stitches.

The materials of Schoffa's men's knitwear are chosen with usability and comfort as a priority. The fabrics of the knitwear are loose enough to drape elegantly without being see-through. The sufficiently sturdy material also does not stretch as easily and the knitwear keeps its shape. The natural materials chosen for the knitwear are unique in their breathability and the knitwear do not rub off easily.