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The Schoffa Made-to-Measure Shirt

We get a lot of questions about how to order a made-to-measure shirt and what the steps of the process are.

However, before we delve into how to order a Schoffa made-to-measure shirt and the steps involved, let's answer the most common question we hear, namely:

Do I need to book a fitting for making a made-to-measure shirt?

The short answer is no - no reservation is needed. Simply drop by our Kämp Galleria store at a suitable hour to you, and we'll be happy to help you create the perfectly suited shirt for you.

Schoffa's made-to-measure shirt from €179.

The Schoffa Made-to-Measure Shirt

1. Choose your fabric

The first step of making a made-to-measure shirt is the most fun, but also the most challenging, as we have more than 300 alternatives for you to pick from!

Our made-to-measure shirt fabrics are made primarily in Italy and Portugal and most are made of cotton, with different weights and weaves. That said, we also have lighter linens, which work well if you plan to spend November in the Caribbean, or summer in the Finnish archipelago. Regardless, our professional staff will help you find the perfect fabric and style for your shirt.

2. Choose your collar & cuffs

When the fabric and the main colour of the shirt has been chosen, it is time to move on to deciding the more visible details, starting with the collar. For the collar we offer 16 different alternatives, ranging from the more classic alternatives (such as f.e. Prince of Wales, Windsor, Cutaway, Button-down) to more eccentric alternatives (Spread, Tab, 2-Button Cutaway, Mao).

The choice of collar is also affected greatly by whether the shirt is going to be worn with a tie, bow tie or open, or on all occasions.

Next up is the cuff style: one or two buttons, or maybe a French cuff? Rounded or a square style? Deciding on which front to choose is also important at this stage: a classic plain front is always elegant, whereas a front placket gives the shirt some extra character. And if you´re going for a tuxedo shirt, the choice would be between a hidden front or a pleated front. A white tie event would require a shirt with a sturdy piqué front.

3. Choose the small but important details

When you’re finished with choosing the main parts of the shirt, it is time to move to smaller (but as important) details: pocket or no pocket, button colour and thread colour, as well as whether you want a contrast fabric on the inside of the collar and cuffs – or maybe all-white a lá Gordon Gekko. You can also have your initials embroidered on the cuff or as the Neapolitans “by the liver”. You can choose the font and colour of your initials.

4. Taking your measurements

At this point the design of the shirt is more or less finished and it’s time to choose a try-on shirt that helps our made-to-measure expert in taking and assessing ten different measurements that will become your final shirt measurements.

After the measurements have been taken the production of your shirt begins, and in 4-5 weeks a shirt made specifically according to your measurements and design, arrives.

5. Fitting

When your shirt arrives to our store, you are asked to head over for one more fitting, during which our specialist evaluates the fit and the comfort of your shirt (remembering the fact that a shirt typically shrinks 1-2 % during the first five washes).

Your first shirt is now ready to be worn and your measurements are stored in our made-to-measure system, ready for your next order. Voilá!


Schoffa's made-to-measure shirt gift card €180.

Welcome to our store to discuss more about the process and ordering of a made-to-measure shirt.

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