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Schoffa's story

Schoffa started from one man's dream of finding a shirt that fits perfectly. He started with fabrics, looking for first-class comfort and usability as well as modern elegance. He found the best partners who met the criteria in Italian and Portuguese family-owned fabric manufacturers.

Finding a suitable shirt manufacturer proved difficult, as few manufacturers had the necessary know-how to produce excellent shirts with customized measurements. After a long search, a suitable partner was found, and soon after, one man's dream began to grow into a company, which, at the request of the customers, expanded its collection to include ready-made shirts as well.

Based on the experience gained from custom-made shirts, we have created our unique ready-made shirt patterns in cooperation with our customers. We continue to develop our ready-made shirts with small changes, but we try to keep the patterns and measurements the same, so that, year after year, customers can be confident that they will always get a shirt that fits just as well as what they are used to in their own shirt style and size.

In recent years, we have further expanded our collection to offer an even more comprehensive set in the field of work, party and leisure wear. Our goal is to create a collection that meets all the needs of a modern man in terms of clothes, shoes and accessories, and over time we have found good partners as manufacturers for most of the products we want to offer our customers. But the work still continues and we travel around Europe looking for the missing products to create the perfect wardrobe.

We believe that few things communicate as much about their wearer as a perfectly fitting outfit.

Welcome to Schoffa,

Anton Koivisto
Managing director

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