Collection: Socks

Our sock collection is designed with both work and leisure in mind. Made of sturdy, long-lasting cotton that does not shed during use with a modern and fresh colour scheme, our socks are  easy to match with navy, gray and other classic colors.

Schoffa's men's socks are made of high-quality neat cotton that is durable and comfortable to wear. They have enough length so that the ankle doesn't flash between the pants of the suit and the sock - the elastic is neat, so the sock doesn't flow easily.

The color scheme in our men's socks is modern and up-to-date, covering black, dark blue and dark gray for business and party use, as well as sand-colored, burgundy, brown and different shades of gray for slightly freer combinations.

Spotted and striped men's socks are a restrained but stylish way to stand out and bring a little edge, whether it's a more formal or casual outfit. Colorful socks can also be combined with the color of a handkerchief or tie.