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Made-to-Measure Shirt

From 179 €

How to

Have you received a Shirt Gift Card?


Visit our Kämp Galleria store on weekdays between 12 PM and 6 PM - no separate appointment is needed.


Allow approximately 45 minutes for the fitting.


Bring along your gift card or the 16-digit code from your gift card.

A Stylish Gift

With a Schoffa made-to-measure shirt gift card, the recipient will have the opportunity to design a custom-fitted dress shirt with the assistance of our experts at our Kämp Galleria store. Delight your recipient with a perfectly fitting and stylish gift.

Our men's fashion experts are at your service

The process of commissioning a made-to-measure shirt starts with the first fitting in our store. During this fitting, the fabric for the made-to-measure shirt is selected from hundreds of options. We collaborate closely with some of the world's best shirt fabric manufacturers, offering a wide range of shirt fabrics suitable for formal, business, and casual wear.

At this stage, it's good to discuss the intended use of the made-to-measure shirt and any preferences regarding fit. This helps the tailor guide the selection of the shirt fabric in the right direction. Once the fabric itself is chosen, decisions are made regarding the collar and cuff style, as well as the color of the buttons. Next, attention is turned to other visible details, such as whether to include a chest pocket, the style of the front, and options for monogramming and its color. Following this, a trial shirt is selected to serve as the basis for constructing the customer's unique pattern, incorporating various adjustments and minor alterations.

Once the measurements are taken, the production of the made-to-measure shirt begins, followed by an impatient wait of approximately 6 weeks. Upon the arrival of the made-to-measure shirt, we request the customer to come for a second fitting. During the second fitting, we ensure that the measurements look good (while considering a typical shrinkage allowance of around one to two percent). The customer receives the brand new made-to-measure shirt and the measurements are stored in their profile for future orders.

From € 179 — Delivery appr. 6 weeks — Priority Lane delivery in 3-4 weeks

Made-to-measure shirts are sold at our Kämp Galleria store. Visit us on weekdays between 12 PM and 6 PM. No fitting appointment needed. Warmly welcome!

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