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Wedding outfits for men

Wedding outfits and the process of dressing the groom is a very special and fascinating world. As the celebration is your own and the focus is largely on the bride and the groom, you have a great opportunity to bring out a bit of your personality through your wedding outfit.

Dark suit and tuxedo (also known as “black tie”) are dress codes we have discussed in previous articles and are elegant choices for your wedding. White tie and Morning dress are also classic formal outfits and suitable for a wedding.

In this article, I will however, discuss a few other excellent wedding outfit alternatives.

The Navy Suit

A navy suit can be a great wedding outfit alternative and need not be worn as a traditional “dark suit” (the most formal of dress codes). Keep it plain, with a subtle woven texture or checked pattern.

Bear the following in mind when opting for a navy suit:

  • The choice of fabric depends on the time of the year. In spring and summer you can opt for wool-mohair, wool-silk and wool-silk-linen fabrics as well as classic Worsted wool. In the winter, brushed wool flannel is an elegant option.
  • The shirt to complement your navy suit is white in colour, and equipped with a single- or a French cuff and a cutaway- or Windsor collar, that work well with either a tie or a bow tie.
  • When it comes to neckwear, a tie or bow tie is equally good, Choose a light blue, orange, yellow, coral or pink alternative during warmer months. Darker, warmer colours such as burgundy, forest green, orange, brown and flannel grey are excellent choices during colder months.
  • The suit can be a three piece suit, in this case the waistcoat should be of the same fabric as the rest of the suit. However, the waistcoat colour can be also grey, beige or sand coloured which could add some variation and character to your outfit.
  • When it comes to shoes, formal oxford or derby shoe is a good alternative but if you want a more relaxed look, go with loafers or monk strap shoes. In terms of colour, black and brown are considered more formal, but burgundy or navy could also work well.
Dark suit, white shirt, elegant tie and pocket square - the gentleman's choice.

The Grey Suit

Choosing a James Bond-esque grey suit worn with a white shirt, navy tie and black oxford shoes isn’t a bad idea at all.

  • The darker the grey, the more formal the suit - so choose the shade depending on the formality of the wedding.
  • The fabric can be plain or have a subtle pattern. Choose the texture of the fabric according to season.
  • Choose a white shirt, as also when it comes to grey suits it's the shirt of choice for weddings.
  • A grey suit looks great with a navy tie or bow tie, but don’t be afraid to combine your suit with other seasonal colours as well.
  • The suit can be a three piece one, but can be also combined with a navy or sand coloured waistcoat.
  • The same shoe styles and colours apply for the grey suit as for the navy alternative.

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Light and Bright Suits

Light sand and beige tones, as well as off-white, light blue, bright “Napoli blue” and Royal blue are more extravagant alternatives especially for the spring and summer season.

  • Once again, a white shirt is the most festive alternative.
  • If you feel like you need variation, choose a white linen shirt instead or opt for a light pink or light blue shirt in cotton.
  • As this outfit is less formal, you can effortlessly combine it with a knitted silk tie or a linen tie for your summer wedding.
  • You can choose any of the classic shoe styles for this outfit, but brown loafers or monk straps would work especially well.
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Burgundy and Green Suits

It probably goes without saying that burgundy and shades of green are suitable only for rather casual weddings.

  • Choose your shade depending on the season. Darker tones, for example in brushed wool flannel work nicely during fall and winter, whereas lighter tones such as olive green, for example in cotton or linen, are suitable for summer wear.
  • As these are a bit more flashy alternatives in general, it might be wise to play down the rest of your outfit. Burgundy suit with a subtle white shirt and navy tie, combined with shoes in black or dark brown leather. Or a dark green suit with a white shirt, chocolate brown tie and dark brown shoes.


I hope this gave you some additional inspiration in your quest to finding a wedding outfit. You are more than welcome to come to the store and to discuss the topic of celebration and festive wear with us!

With stylish regards,

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