A Guide to Pocket Squares

The pocket square is one of today's most popular men's accessories, and it has popped up especially in the last decade.

The classic white handkerchief, either in silk, linen or cotton, can be used regardless of whether the dress code is dark suit, tuxedo or tailcoat.

A patterned silk pocket square is an elegant choice for more formal business attire; as regards patterns, polka dots, paisleys and restrained florals are excellent candidates, whereas as regards colour, white-ish, light blue, burgundy and dark blue are formal options.

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Depending on your style and the occasion, you can either go for more or less contrast of the pocket square in relation to you jacket's colour.

The basic rule however is that whatever you do - don't pair your pocket square and tie to form a "matching", identical-looking set; big faux pas.

Instead, pair the pocket square with your tie such that they are stylishly coordinated either in terms of colour, pattern, or material - your pairing should end up looking harmonious.

When pairing the patterns of the tie and pocket square (assuming that the shirt is monochrome white or light blue), you can use the same rule of thumb as when combining the patterns of the shirt and tie. In other words, one pattern should be smaller and the other bigger: a dark blue tie with white small dots, a pocket square with a white base color and a large dark blue paisley pattern. Or, a tie with a wide stripe and a handkerchief with a small floral.

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Take the season into account

During fall and winter, wool pocket squares are especially nice, either with a light background or in dark autumn colors; think burgundy, brown, burnt orange and forest green. When using a wool pocket square, the texture of your other garments should also be considered; brushed or patterned suit fabric, shirt fabric with grainy texture, tie with soft surface or expressive weave.

In the spring and summer season, coarse linen and soft cotton are stylish options. Bear in mind also here the textures, fabrics and materials of the rest of your outfit: the fabric of the suit, which is a little more matte or expressive in terms of weaving, the texture of the shirt fabric, a woven or otherwise summery tie.

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Pocket square with jacket

A pocket square is also very appropriate with a jacket, no matter whether you are using a tie or not. Basically, the same recommendations regarding materials and combinations as for suits in general here as well.

Although yours truly doesn't do this much himself, you can also use a pocket square with an overcoat. In this case, the material of the pocket square must be especially well aligned with the fabric of the coat. If simultaneously also wearing a scarf, the same recommendations regarding pocket squares and ties apply to pocket squares and scarves.


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