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A Guide to Ties - The most traditional men's accessory

A tie is one of the most traditional of men's accessories, and although it is currently a rare sight in a work context, it is an excellent way to enliven an otherwise restrained business suit or a loose jacket and pants combination.

Since we have designed a wide range of different accessories for our collection and these often spark discussion in the store, in this text series I will scratch the surface a little into the comfortable world of accessories.


Width and Material

The width of the tie usually varies between 7-9 cm , the narrower being a slightly more modern interpretation and the wider more classic.

For ties, fine silk is a stylish, traditional choice, but wool, linen and cotton are also good options if you want more variety depending on the season.

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The pattern and color of the tie

Traditional tie patterns include stripes, polka dots and paisley patterns - of course, monochromatic ties with different textures are also good candidates.

In work use, you can stylishly add color to an outfit in the form of a tie , good examples of which are burgundy, forest green, orange, yellow and light blue.

A dark burgundy or green shade can be used for a nice contrast to a dark blue suit in the autumn season, while in the summer orange, pink and yellow seem like current colors.

With a gray suit in autumn and winter, dark blue and chocolate brown are great options, while in summer light blue, bright royal blue and strong orange bring a lot of expression to the outfit.

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Anton's pairing tips

A plain tie and patterned shirt, like a plain shirt and patterned tie, are safe choices .

But if you want a pattern for both the shirt and the tie , I recommend getting patterns of clearly different sizes: a shirt with a small stripe and a tie with a large or sparse polka dot or paisley pattern, a shirt with a small check and a tie with a bolder stripe pattern or a bigger polka dot, a shirt with a big or wide stripe pattern and a tie as a friend with a small print pattern – to name a few combinations.

If you are looking for a slightly more relaxed interpretation , a woven tie is very appropriate. A woven tie is, as the name suggests, woven from silk, wool or cotton thread. The woven tie is characterized by a flat point instead of the traditional v-shaped point. Since it is the most relaxed of the ties, it is best at home with slightly more relaxed suit and shirt fabrics. An excellent example of this is a wool flannel suit and an oxford cloth shirt combined with a woolen woven tie. A summer version of this could be a wool-silk-linen suit with a porous texture, a linen shirt and a silky woven tie.

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Welcome to our store in Kämp to get to know different ties and to discuss more about their use and combinations.

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