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Funeral dress

Dressing for a funeral is dressing for mourning. The most important rule is therefore that what you wear must be neat, clean and suitable for the occasion.


'Dark suit' does not necessarily mean black - but prefer sober fabric patterns

The dark suit has over the years established itself as the default choice for funerals. However, it does not necessarily have to be black, you can also opt for dark gray or dark blue.

The suit can be single- or double-breasted, with or without a vest.

Avoid strong patterns; the most elegant is a smooth weave surface or a very restrained herringbone pattern.

Pictured : Schoffa's black suit, black oxford-style shoes, white shirt with simple cuffs, dark gray tie and white handkerchief .


Shoes and shirt - black and white

Wear a white shirt and black shoes. As an option, a shirt with French cuffs can be worn, i.e. long cuffs which are fastened twice with cufflinks. When dressing for mourning, the cufflinks should be fairly plain, with simple silver or gold ones most suitable.

Those who dress classically choose simple "cap toe" oxfords instead of decorative brogue shoes. Make sure that the shoes have been taken well care of. If you want, you can polish the tip and the back edge of the shoe with what the French call glaçage polishing, giving these areas a mirror gloss.

Choose a black leather belt with a restrained buckle that matches the shoes. The socks should be dark, preferably knee-high so that no bare skin is visible when crossing the legs.


Dark tie, white pocket square

In Finland, the established custom is to wear a black tie, but you could also opt for a dark gray or dark blue tie. However, in some countries it is customary for male relatives to the deceased to wear a white tie.

If the wearer so wishes, a pocket square can be worn as an addition to the tie. A suitable cloth is white, either silk, linen or cotton. When folding a pocket square, the material affects the final result. If you want a more generous "puff", a silk scarf is a good choice; if you want a simple pleat, it's easiest to fold it from a cotton or linen scarf. The end result is a straight stripe that follows the upper edge of the pocket.


Mourning button and mourning ribbon

The use of mourning buttons and ribbons has in Finland gone out of fashion to the point that they are hardly used any more. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you should not use them: you can wear a mourning band (on the sleeve) and a mourning button (on the lapel of the jacket) if you wish, in order to display your sorrow on your outer clothing for a longer period even after the funeral.


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