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Article: Funeral attire for men

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Funeral attire for men

Considering the nature of the occasion, dressing correctly for a funeral is important. As such, make sure that your whole outfit is in accordance with the etiquette (which we'll delve into below), and that you've ironed your shirt, pressed your trousers as well as carefully polished your shoes.


Wear a black suit

Jumping into what the etiquette says about funeral dress for men, what colour to choose for the suit is pretty simple: your suit should be black. As regards patterns, go for a solid or a restrained pattern. For example, herringbone or bird's eye -patterns are appropriately discrete for the occasion.

You can opt for both a double-breasted or three-piece suit, with either a single-breasted or double-breasted vest. The most formal option, however, is a suit with peak lapels, two buttons and lined pockets.

The trousers can be with or without turn-ups, and with belt loops or side fasteners, the latter options being a bit more formal.

Strong patterns should be left for other occasions.


Men's funeral attire - Schoffa's black suit, white shirt and black shoes.
Schoffa's black suit, black Oxford model shoes, white shirt with simple collars, and white pocket square.


White shirt and pocket square, black tie

The shirt is always white at funerals, either with a solid pattern or with a restrained weave. Restrained weaving can be, for example, twill or herringbone.
The shirt collar should sit elegantly with the tie - this is achieved nicely by Windsor and Cutaway collars. Avoid button down collars as they aren't suitable for funeral wear.

The cuffs of the shirt can be buttoned or double cuffed, in which case cufflinks are used. Cufflinks worn at funerals should be discreet; for example, simple gold, silver or pearl-decorated are good options.

In Finland, the tie should be black and solid, alternatively moderately patterned silk . Twill and grenadine are elegant, appropriate options.

For the pocket square, choose white; either fine silk, cotton or linen. Cotton and linen are excellent materials if you like a James Bond-esque style where the cloth shows 1-2cm above the edge of the pocket. A soft silk pocket square can be folded a little more freely.


Black leather shoes, socks and belt

The funeral shoe choice is a formal black Oxford shoe with cap toe detail. Shoes should be well polished and laced straight, so that the laces form neat, straight lines. The soles of the shoes can be leather or rubber soles with a slender edge and a restrained profile.

During winter, you should protect your shoes with black galoshes, which are to be removed at the start of the funeral and left in the cloakroom for the duration of the event. Flashy and colorful galoshes are not in keeping with funeral etiquette.

With your black shoes, use black socks.

Use a black calf leather belt with a restrained metal buckle .



The coat should also be dark in colour; either black, dark blue or dark grey. During winter, a longer woolen coat is an excellent choice. In autumn and spring, a lighter rain mac does the trick elegantly.

The scarf is white for close relatives, dark for other guests.

The gloves are made of top leather or suede and are black or gray.

The hat can be brimmed or a fur hat, which is remoned inside the church and during the lowering of the coffin.


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