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Made-to-Measure Waistcoat

Made-to-Measure Waistcoat

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Ordering a made-to-measure waistcoat begins with the first fitting at our Kämp Galleria flagship store. This is when the fabric is chosen from multiple options. Our offering includes the world’s best fabric mills including Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Solbiati, Drago, Dugdale Bros and Reda.

This is the time to discuss the intended wear of the waistcoat, along with your preferences regarding fit and material. This will help our made-to-measure expert to give you the right recommendations in terms of fabric.

After the fabric for your brand new made-to-measure waistcoat has been chosen, it is time to move on to the colour of the lining and buttons. Next in line are other visual details such a possible lapel, number of buttons and pocket style. Now, our made-to-measure expert will choose a try-on waistcoat and, through alterations and changes, create a unique pattern made entirely for you. After the measurements have been taken, the manufacturing of the waistcoat along with the 8-10 week wait begin.

When the made-to-measure waistcoat arrives we’ll invite the client over for a second fitting. During the second fitting we’ll go through the details and pattern, and make the alterations needed which will be stored in the client’s profile for future orders. The alterations are typically made in a week after which the waistcoat is ready to be handed over to the client.

  • Hundreds of fabric options – such as four season -wool fabrics, wool flannels, tweed, linen and different fabric mixes.
  • Various lining, pocket and lapel options – such as different plain and patterned viscose and cupro linings. Single or double breasted, pocket and back drawstring style.
  • Possibility to choose buttons and other visible details – such as corozo and horn buttons in different colours.
  • The delivery time of a made-to-measure suit – is typically between 8-10 weeks (holidays might affect production time).
  • From €300.


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Made-to-measure garments are usually handed over during the second fitting, during which our made-to-measure expert ensures that the garment has the right fit.

Returns & Exchanges

Made-to-measure products can not be returned or exchanged.

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