The Schoffa Story

We were born in 2006 from the craving of one man to find the perfect shirt. He started with the fabrics, where he searched for ultimate comfort and usability combined with a strong sense of style. This he found at family owned suppliers in Italy and Portugal.

Finding the right producers turned out to be hard, since few sewers in Europe had the necessary craftsmanship to produce high quality made-to-measure shirts for a reasonable price. But he did it. And before long, one man's passion grew into a business, and the Schoffa team decided to expand into ready-to-wear shirts as well. With the experience gathered from our made-to-measure tailoring and close collaboration with our existing customers we created our praised signature fits. Crafting the perfect shirt is still in progress, but we think we are a lot closer than we were 10 years ago.

Over the recent years we have continuously expanded our offering to create a wider range of formal and casual attire to meet the needs of our customers. Our work today is driven by our desire to create a collection with all the wardrobe essentials and accessories meeting the needs of a modern gentleman. At Schoffa we value traditional tailoring  and quality, while still designing our products with modern cuts to create collections with timeless elegance and character.

At Schoffa we believe that nothing conveys a stronger message than a perfectly tailored outfit.

Welcome to the world of Schoffa,
Anton Koivisto, CEO