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How to determine my shirt size?


Fit is everything. That’s why we want to provide you a comprehensive size guide in order to easily find the most comfortable and elegant measurements for your shirt.

An easy way to check your size is by measuring your favourite shirt (scroll down for instructions) and comparing it to our shirt measurements below.

At Schoffa we have three fits for our shirts.

Extra Slim Fit – A slim silhouette with a bit more shape

Sleeve Length68686868686868
Shirt Length79797979828282

(all measurements are in centimeters)

Slim Fit – A contemporary cut with slightly more ease of movement

Sleeve Length66666666666666
Shirt Length79797982828282

(all measurements are in centimeters)

Casual Fit – A shorter, more casual model that can be worn on top of the trousers

SizeS M L XL
Sleeve Length65666768
Shirt Length75767778

(all measurements are in centimeters)

How to measure my shirt?

1. Check the collar size. It is usually indicated on the label near the shirt’s collar

2. Chest. Lay the shirt flat on a table with buttons fastened and measure just below the armhole. Double the measurement to get the full chest width.

3. Waist. Lay the shirt flat on a table with buttons fastened and measure from the slimmest part of the shirt. Double the measurement to get the full waist width.

4. Hip. Lay the shirt flat on a table with buttons fastened and measure from lowest part of the shirt. Double the measurement to get the full hip width.

5. Sleeve length. Measure from the shoulder seam all the way to the end of the cuff.

6. Shirt length. Measure from the center all the way down to the hem of the shirt. Do not include the collar.


Great! Now you know your size.

Let's shop!



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Portofino Navy Tuxedo


Our addition to the collection: the Portofino Navy Tuxedo has a peak lapel, one button placed right on the waistline and a narrow trouser, all to enhance your V-shaped silhouette. The navy blue colour will let you confidently stand out from the rest.


  • Fabric: Vitale Barberis Canonico 100 % wool.
  • 8 cm peak lapel, covered in black silk.
  • Full lining. Lining: 100 % viscose.
  • Jetted pockets.
  • One button on front, four sham sleeve buttons.
  • Side vents.
  • Soft shoulder.
  • Slim trousers with side seam in black silk.


Product measurements

  • 44 Jacket: 1/2 Chest 47.5cm, 1/2 Waist 43cm, Shoulder 42.5cm, Sleeve length 64.5cm, Jacket length 71.5cm. Trousers: 1/2 Waist 38cm, 1/2 Hip 46cm, Inseam 84cm, Hem 17cm.
  • 46 Jacket 1/2 Chest 49cm, 1/2 Waist 45cm, Shoulder 43.5cm, Sleeve length 65cm, Jacket length 72cm. Trousers: 1/2 Waist 40cm, 1/2 Hip 48cm, Inseam 86cm, Hem 17.5cm.
  • 48 Jacket 1/2 Chest 51.5cm, 1/2 Waist 47cm, Shoulder 44.5cm, Sleeve length 65.5cm, Jacket length 72.5cm. Trousers: 1/2 Waist 42cm, 1/2 Hip 50cm, Inseam 86cm, Hem 18cm.
  • 50 Jacket 1/2 Chest 53.5cm, 1/2 Waist 49cm, Shoulder 45.5cm, Sleeve length 66.5cm, Jacket length 73cm. Trousers: 1/2 Waist 44cm, 1/2 Hip 52cm, Inseam 86cm, Hem 18.5cm.
  • 52 Jacket 1/2 Chest 54.5cm, 1/2 Waist 51cm, Shoulder 46.5cm, Sleeve length 67.5cm, Jacket length 73.5cm. Trousers: 1/2 Waist 46cm, 1/2 Hip 54cm, Inseam 86cm, Hem 18.5cm.
  • 54 Jacket 1/2 Chest 56cm, 1/2 Waist 53cm, Shoulder 47.5cm, Sleeve length 68cm, Jacket length 74.5cm. Trousers: 1/2 Waist 48cm, 1/2 Hip 56cm, Inseam 86cm, Hem 19cm.
  • 56 Jacket 1/2 Chest 58.5cm, 1/2 Waist 55cm, Shoulder 48.5cm, Sleeve length 68.5cm, Jacket length 75.5cm. Trousers: 1/2 Waist 50cm, 1/2 Hip 58cm, Inseam 86cm, Hem 19.5cm.
  • 58 Jacket 1/2 Chest 60.5cm, 1/2 Waist 57cm, Shoulder 49.5cm, Sleeve length 68.5cm, Jacket length 76cm. Trousers: 1/2 Waist 52cm, 1/2 Hip 60cm, Inseam 86cm, Hem 20cm.

Returns & Shipping

Returns & Exchanges

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return or exchange the product for 14 days from the day you received your package. Just send us an email at or whatsapp us on +358 45 1139870 and we will instruct you on what to do.
  • Remember that any product you return or exchange must be in the same condition as you received it and in original packaging.


  • We strive to send your webshop order immediately.
  • Usually you will get your order within 5 business days if you live in Europe and 10 business days if you live outside of Europe.
  • We use PostNord and at times the local postal service Posti.
  • For the sake of convenience most Schoffa orders are delivered to a pick-up point near your home so that you can pick-up your order at a time that works best for you.

If you have any questions regarding shipping, exchanges or returns please WhatsApp us at +358 45 1139870 or send us an email to

Care guide

  • Professional dry clean only. Steam with a low temperature.


For us, sustainability is a word with many meanings. For example, sourcing fabrics and production sites close to us, instead of shipping fabrics and garments to/from the other side of the globe. That’s why we produce all of our garments in Europe. This way we also know that working conditions are good and production is environmentally friendly.

On top of having a sustainable supply chain we also see sustainability as something internal, like being a happy workplace. Treating our clients like friends. And making sure that we leave a healthy company for the next generation to take care of.

In other words, sustainability for us is living in way that makes us live forever.